DOPPELMAYR: Doppelmayr follows the global call of the United Nations to attend the 20th Steering Committee of their World Urban Campaign

The 20th Steering Committee of UN-Habitat´s World Urban Campaign was held on October 30th 2018 in Liverpool, UK... Read More

METROPOLIS: Addressing Metropolitan Challenges through Multi-Sectoral Partnerships

Upon a decision by the Board of Directors, Metropolis has endorsed the declaration Cities for Adequate Housing... Read More

ACUUS: The 16th World Conference of the Associated Research Centers for the Urban Underground Space

The 16th World Conference of the Associated Research Centers for the Urban Underground Space (ACUUS) was held... Read More


The  aim of this international project is to  accelerate awareness of the SDGs and the NUA  through practical action... Read More

COMPASS HOUSING SERVICES: Affordable Living in Sustainable Cities Congress, Newscastle Australia

The Affordable Living in Sustainable Cities: Achieving the SDG and the NUA Congress took place in Newcastle, NSW, Australia... Read More

CONSORTIUM FOR SUSTAINABLE URBANIZATION: Resilient & Healthy Cities: Stories from the Field, Challenges & Solutions

Every October the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat) and partners organize Urban October, a month of activities... Read More

CONSORTIUM FOR SUSTAINABLE URBANIZATION: Mobility, Health + Wellness, and the public realm: an evening of ideas, challenges and solutions

In New York, the Center for Architecture and citywide participants present Archtober... Read More

EUTROPIAN: The Cooperative City Magazine

The cities are complex systems: they are not produced exclusively by development agencies, municipal departments or planning institutions... Read More

GLOBAL FORUM ON HUMAN SETTLEMENTS: Annual Session of Global Forum on Human Settlements calls for Urban Innovation toward achieving SDG11 and the New Urban Agenda

The 2018 Annual Session of Global Forum on Human Settlements (GFHS 2018) successfully convened... Read More

RED DOT FOUNDATION:Youth Innovation Challenge - Youth work on solving Women's Issues

The Youth Design Innovation Challenge is a derivative of the Urban Thinkers Campus seeking to involve future leaders of the city... Read More

URBAMONDE: Second North American Hub of the Co-Habitat Network

Over 500 affordable housing professionals and activists gathered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for... Read More

CITY OF MANNHEIM: International SDG Expert Conference on Mannheim's New Mission Statement

In a two-year process, the City of Mannheim and its citizens are working out a mission statement describing how Mannheim should look in 2030... Read More

  • 08-12 Apr: United Nations - Twenty-seventh session of the Governing Council, Nairobi/Kenya. PARTICIPATE
Photo Credits: ACUUS (CC), Center for Sustainable Urban Development (CC), Compass (CC), CSU (CC), Doppelmayr (CC), Eutropian (CC), Global Forum on Human Settlements (CC), UrbaMonde (CC), Martin Waehlisch (CC), Metropolis (CC), Red Dot Foundation (CC), Thomas Rittelmann (CC).