UN-HABITAT: Bid for WUF11 in 2022 open

The selection process for the Eleventh session of the World Urban Forum to be held in 2022 has started with a  call for expression of interest for cities that would like to host the event... Read More

IHC GLOBAL: An afternoon with Executive Director Maimunah Mohd Sharif

The crowd pulsed with energy, as people edged past each other on the way to and from the buffet table, exchanging business cards and hopes for the upcoming presentation... Read More

DOPPELMAYR: Academy of Sustainable Urban Mobility 2018 - Getting inspired by best mobility practices in European cities

Urban transport plays a fundamental role in meeting the objectives of economic competitiveness, social inclusion and sustainable growth. Yet, in many countries, challenges... Read More

CJUR INTERNATIONAL: CJUR Kids Urban Thinkers Campus México 2018

Legislation, Right to the City, Urban Design and Humanistic Leadership, will be the shafts in the development of the international event...Read More

HABITAT FOR HUMANITY INTERNATIONAL: Looking back and moving forward: midway point of the Solid Ground Campaign

The Solid Ground campaign has officially reached its midway point... Read More

METROPOLIS: Atlanta shares its experience on the economic development of its airport area

Atlanta hosted the second meeting of the METROAirports pilot project, during which the participants, from the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona (AMB) and the Île-de-France region, analyzed... Read More

UCLG: The SDGs will not be achieved without reshaped subnational financing!

A delegation of local and regional governments, led by UCLG on behalf of the Global Taskforce of Local and Regional Governments, took part in the third ECOSOC Forum on Financing for Development follow-up.... Read More

UIA: The UIA SDGC: Empowering architects to practice sustainability

In this era of population shifts, climate change and unprecedented levels of urbanisation, architects have an important role in responding to the complex challenges of the built environment... Read More

UN GLOBAL COMPACT - CITIES PROGRAMME: Accelerating multi-sector SDG and NUA Projects through city partnerships

Cities, regions and towns across the world now have the opportunity to express interest in participating in this focused on the development of sustainable development projects... Read More

WIEGO: Think rain, not robots: Shaping the future of work for women in informal employment

This International Workers’ Day, the future of work has arrived as a hot topic. New technologies, globalization and major advances... Read More

7 BILLION URBANISTS: Urbanists in the digital age: towards the contributory city?

For architects and urban planners discourses around the city of the future brought about by the Smart City industry seem hard to believe... Read More

CENTRE FOR URBAN DESIGN AND MENTAL HEALTH: New urban design and mental health case study project

There remains a lack of knowledge about how different cities use design and planning to promote good mental health... Read More

COMPASS HOUSING SERVICES: Implementing Agenda 2030 and the New Urban Agenda Forum in New South Wales

On the 4th May Compass Housing Services partnered with the New South Wales Government , Office of the Environment and Heritage (OEH) to present a one day forum on achieving...  Read More

GLOBAL FORUM ON HUMAN SETTLEMENTS: International green model city online assessment system officially launched

The system is a global online assessment and certification platform for sustainable cities and communities, based on the "IGMC standards 3.0"... Read More

QATAR GREEN BUILDING COUNCIL: Qatar Green Building Council hosts Urban Thinkers Campus 2018 in Doha

Qatar Green Building Council (QGBC), a member of Qatar Foundation (QF), recently hosted the 2nd Urban Thinkers Campus (UTC) in Qatar... Read More

ROYAL TOWN PLANNING INSTITUTE: The challenge of rapid urbanization in the Commonwealth

The Royal Town Planning Institute organised a policy roundtable on behalf of the UK Built Environment Advisory Groupcat the UK Houses of Parliament... Read More

  • 11 Jun: AIVP - 16th World Conference - Cities and Ports, Quebec/Canada. PARTICIPATE
  • 19-22 Jun: ICLEI – “ICLEI World Congress 2018”, Montréal/Canada. PARTICIPATE 
  • 08-12 Jul: IFHP - World Cities Summit 2018, Amsterdam&Rotterdam/Netherlands. PARTICIPATE 
  • 03-04 Sep: Convergences“11th Convergences World Forum – Make Society Tomorrow”. PARTICIPATE
  • 07 Sep: UN-Habitat & Arcadis - 8th Annual Shelter Academy on Climate Adaptation and Mitigation, Amsterdam&Rotterdam/Netherlands. PARTICIPATE
  • 01-05 Oct: ISOCARP“54th ISOCARP Congress”, Bodø/Norway. PARTICIPATE
  • 28-30 Oct: Qatar Green Building Council - Qatar Green Building Conference, Doha/Qatar. PARTICIPATE
Photo Credits: 7 Billion Urbanists (CC), CJUR International (CC), Compass Housing Services (CC), Doppelmayr (CC), IHC Global (CC), Metropolis (CC), Qatar Green Building Council (CC), UCLG/Joel Sheakoski(CC), UIA (CC), UN Global Compact - Programme (CC), UN-Habitat (CC), Paula Bronstain:Getty Image Reportage (CC), Royal Town Planning Institute (CC)